• White wines

    • Luigi Bosca Torrontes, Argentinia

      4,50 / 25,50

      The Finca La Linda Torrontes has a bright yellow color. The scent aromas with hints of roses and a little lavender. The taste is fruity and floral. Well-balanced and intense taste with a fine acidity. In addition, it has the floral character associated with Torrontes. Aftertaste is smooth and fresh.

    • The Manor Chardonnay, South Africa

      4,50 / 25,50

      Fresh color with hints of gold and green. On the palate subtle hints of citrus and apricot with light touch of vanilla. Very flexible body and good plumpness, owns all characteristics of a nice chardonnay.

    • El Coto Rioja, Spain

      4,50 / 25,50

      This white Rioja is fragrant, light and refreshing with the soft, juicy taste of yellow apple and melon. Pure and accessible with a fresh finish. Really a nice glass of wine for those who are looking for something different than a chardonnay. Delicious as an aperitif and with fish dishes.

    • Laroche Terret, France

      4,00 / 22,50

      Pale green-gold in appearance, this Terret has a bouquet reminiscent of baked apples, almonds and a hint of chamomile. The taste is surprisingly full of nuts and apples, fresh acid and a dry finish.

    • Urmeneta Sauvignon Blanc, Chili

      4,00 / 22,50

      Fragrant Sauvignon with the exotic character of passion fruit and fresh grapefruit. Easy, with mild dry finish.

    • Red wines

    • Torres Altos Ibericos Crianza Tempranillo, Spain

      5,50 / 32,00

      The name of this wine refers to the Iberian Peninsula, the land of ancient vineyards and centuries old trees. Ibéricos matured for 12 months on oak and after that for a long period in the bottle. Through its spicy flavors and aromas of forest fruit it bears memories of the country of origin. The color is reminiscent of cherries and the scent of blackcurrant and blueberry is beautifully balanced with the toasted dark wood tones. The taste unfolds soft tannins with delicate fruit.

    • Luigi Bosca Malbec, Argentinia

      4,50 / 25,50

      Originally Malbec is a French varietal, which is rare in France nowadays. It produces a full, almost woolly soft wine, intensely red in color with a warming bouquet of cherries. It finishes slightly spicy with traces of fine tannins. A well-balanced wine.

    • The Manor Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa

      4,00 / 22,50

      Grapes come from vineyards in the Western Cape and mixed together to produce a wine that is so much more than the sum of its parts. Shows an abundance of ripe berries and dark chocolate aromas with nuances of oak in the background.