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Relaxing time, Wissenkerke

  • A little afterglow of the sun on our terrace
  • When you work late, you can quickly grab a tasty bite
  • Out of the office and into a great ambiance with a cool beer


Opening hours

Beschikbaar voor feesten
Beschikbaar voor feesten

Café Restaurant Wissenkerke-Sloterdijk is closed from 22-12-2018 untill 1-1-2019We wish you happy holidays and a happy newyear

Café Restaurant Wissenkerke-SloterdijkThe right spot with good food and great beer

Wissenkerke-Sloterdijk located near Station Sloterdijk (300 meter), is a café / restaurant where you will get a healthy lunch with fresh local products and where you can have a drink with several local brewed beers.

Wissenkerke Sloterdijk is an official Heineken Star Serve bar so you will get a tap into star quality.

In Holland it's common use to start the weekend with a drink in a local bar. So every Friday on 16.00 hours we start with our VRIMIBO. VRIMIBO is an abbreviation of Friday Afternoon Drink where typically Dutch and especially snacks from Amsterdam will be served.

Whether it’s a dinner before you head out or a drink after a long day of traveling Restaurant Wissenkerke should be your first port to call if you want to relax.

If you want to make a reservation

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Because we have seen a lot of the world, we know as a traveler it is nice to have a place to relax after a long day of sight seeing or shopping

One of the most important things to relax is a good balance between location, good food and great beers.

That’s why we have different kind of draft and local craft beers. Together with typical dutch snacks such as ‘bitterballen’ and a terrace in summer, we have the best place in Amsterdam to relax.

Beer and Snacks

Wine by Glass

Whether it’s a lunch or dinner, Restaurant Wissenkerke-Sloterdijk serve quality wines which can be ordered by glass.

Because of a special cooling system we can keep wine bottles longer open and that’s why you can drink popular quality wines without ordering the whole bottle.

We have nine different kind of wines. It is a variety of different grapes and countries.


Restaurant Wissenkerke-Sloterdijk is a restaurant where we are working with a passion for food.

You will know what we mean if you are going to taste our meat for example. You will taste that we serve meat from animals who had a good and happy life.

Next to our meat products our chef uses local seasonal ingredients which are delivered on a daily base. Check our menu and make a reservation


Wissenkerke-Sloterdijk hamburger

Take away

If you want a place to have a quick and good lunch or you want a take away lunch, we are pleased to serve you a lunch.

Whether it is a “Club Wissenkerke” or a homemade “Cesar Salade” with fresh products you will taste our dedication for food.

Hieronder kunt u een lijst downloaden zodat u die rond kan laten gaan op de afdeling. U geeft vervolgens de bestellingen door en we bezorgen de verse broodjes bij u op kantoor.

How to order?

Phone: +31 (0)20 486 9968
Fax: +31 (0)20 682 42 78

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